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Through continuous obstacles
continuous obstacles, attention to three points:
1, your sitting position when an obstruction, to basically guaranteed, and obstacles to the right of the center point of your seat vertically up and down, if you think there are errors, please adjust the direction.
2, position of the front wheels to the barriers on both sides of the time, you have to turn the wheel back, vehicles must be diagonal straight line, if the steering wheel is not returning because the vehicle during cornering, inner wheel difference exists, rear wheel would be in danger.
3, estimated the rear wheels close to obstacles or when your sitting position when just over an obstacle, rapid direction to the next obstacle. In the same way, through all obstacles.
3.1 single bridge
I'll tell you one single bridge over the three-point line, or a pull method. Remember that this method is exams, practical road driving is not appropriate.
your practice right wheel on the bridge, under the command of others, first the right wheel press single-axle extension extension cord straight to your side, on the right front one-stop bridge. You sit in the car looking at the centre point of the single bridge, between the eyes and it is a straight line, and then, you get a point in the front of the vehicle (generally about mid-point on the front of the engine cover, the person is the height difference) and the line weight and (3.1), remember to top this.
you exam Shi, put car most front-end you find of is, has been alignment single bridge of center line straight line, you car of right round on just along single bridge driving, you has been keep 3.1 line ahead straight line, if found has deviation, to timely adjustment direction (Note: adjustment direction Shi, speed to fast), around swing range to control in 10 cm within, if swing range over 10 cm, you on has off bridge of May. Invisible bridge, to single-axle extensions.
feel to right front wheel about single bridge, on put direction to left playing, see with revolver Shang single bridge Shi you in car Shang find of points bit, let this points bit across had left single bridge 1 meters around (its purpose, is let left Hou round also and left single bridge into a line, because around single bridge of width is greater than around wheels of width, as not such do, even front wheel up has, but Hou round is Shang not to), again quickly right playing direction, again let this points bit alignment left single bridge of center line straight line.
on the revolver and a single bridge, get in the car, and the right wheel on the bridge in the same way. BACK
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