The theory test

Driving-test technique 1
recognition site: face of the garage, there is 1 line, left the garage, garage on the right called b, left stop position called point, parking position b on the right.
driving-test technique 2
examination process: first of all, from point a to point backwards, into the bottom, and two forward two backward to move the car into a library, and then, starting from the library by door to point b, then poured into the pool (front), open out to a point, end of the examination process. Throughout the process, as long as you don't touch the Poles are not crossing the line, even if qualified.
driving-test technique 3
straight line backing: the width of the head must be left in the van middle (must be extended to the middle position, if not, you are at the back, the car is not in the middle of the garage. This is and you can will car pour to garage of middle location, vital), and steering rear (you of head impossible turned 180 degrees, first, body first turned 90 degrees, is back on with door, then, head again turned 90 degrees, such, neck on not uncomfortable has), with car tail Middle location alignment garage door are middle line reversing, tail into garage door Hou, immediately alignment garage end of are middle line reversing, around swing range shall not over 10 cm, as has deviation, ahead of adjustment direction. Otherwise either touch or cross the line, adjusting method and forward on the same route. BACK
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