Car stalling what is the reason?

Car stalling what is the reason?
recently saw many owners of haunted by their car breaks down, from the following may help you to find out why. ,
1, automatic transmission models:
automatic transmission models won't appear stalled, and manual transmission models because of high levels of driving may often appear stalled. But does not rule out automatic transmission car stall behavior does not occur, the main reason is the use of poor-quality fuel (many gas stations in order to reap huge profits selling impure oils) cause the engine carbon stalling.
2, in addition, for the new car (automatic transmission) appears driving the main causes of flameout caused by technology-savvy, another possibility is the problem of automobile engine, or oil, but for new cars, the engine itself is less likely, most of the oil is the cause of the problem.
3, the last for veteran cars, stalled outside of driving skill skilled enough, cause, that is to use a quality standard sets of oil engine flameout caused by carbon.
automatic transmission troubleshooting:
notice: for an automatic car, mainly caused by using poor quality fuel oil. First, larger gas stations raised to normal grade oil, such as the use of 97th gasoline, although a lot of expensive, but can protect the car a long good life and the exercise of power. But some owners of cheap oil without a 90th, while low prices some, but there may be problems in the future. Second, large and qualified gas station!
actual operation: left hold steering wheel hold direction (because no power, so must to forced hold), right feet forced stepped on brake will speed as reduced, then quickly will AT document playing to n document, (Note: March in the again sparking must to in n document, cannot is D/R/P, document, or, car or playing not fire, or car gearbox will damaged), then will key back a grid, then again sparking, then again will AT document bit recovery to d document normal driving.
Manual troubleshooting:
1, for the uninitiated, halfway to remove is not a new topic, main troubleshooting after a quick break to improve their driving skills.
2, the use of high level qualified fuel quality.
3, thoroughly clean oil, including injectors, throttle, fuel tank and so on. May be you add oil faulty, too much rubber, blocked oil, and oil is not caused.
4, for vehicle stalled in idle state the cause of the failure was mainly due to too much dust in the air, the engine runs idle speed motor valve core and throttle seat deposits a lot of dirt, when excessive dirt accumulation, and engine idling too low, poor idling, idling when driving off. To solve this problem is simple: just clean the idle speed motor.
5, the circuit is open, this will easily lead to halfway off.
6, due to the rise in oil prices, coupled with the return of many hobbies--bicycling, walking to work increased, and new long-term parking is not used. In fact, avoid long Park No. If parked for a long time, you should do a thorough maintenance before using again, replace the engine oil and filter, check fuel and, as appropriate, circuits, and so on. Your vehicle may be parked for a long time cause problems in lubrication or circuit.
in short, whether new or old car, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission, is a veteran or a novice, when refueling the best high grade oil, even more expensive is worth, so you can protect your engine from carbon. Also critical is regular maintenance, always check the circuit and the circuit is open. BACK
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