Vehicle ignition is what caused it?

vehicle ignition is what caused it? Here in detail for you, vehicle fire ignition is usually due to the following causes: a
. Inferior conversion risk
line failures in fire caused by spontaneous combustion accidents, mainly due to taking "iron". This phenomenon is mainly due to aging, overload, short circuit, poor contact or wear "take iron" problem, "take the iron" can produce a great deal of heat. If the power cord of the quality is not good enough, or around flammable materials, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion fire accidents. For example: cable line and frame, and line clip Zhijian due to vibration friction produced broken skin; taillights, and brake lamp wire, due to vibration friction and produced broken skin; lamp installation at due to vibration, and connection pieces of damaged and makes insulation pieces pine off, and damaged,, will in vehicles driving or parking Shi itself "take iron" and long time jumped fire, produced high temperature, caused electrical, and switch, and wire of insulation damage, then increased jumped fire range, expanded high temperature regional, last led to and paint, and leak of gasoline, and flammable items, contact and spontaneous combustion fire.
II. Wiring, electrical short circuit
short circuit the most common electrical short circuit is to start the switch occurred because of the sintered contact welding, starter magnetic switch cannot be released, resulting in Starter Starter for a long time (Starter safety start time of 5s), starter heat caught fire. In addition, some single line business car, fire insulation damage taking "iron" or electronic "take iron" can cause short circuits, especially for a long time, old lines and lines are arranged chaos vehicles. Wires on the car's "protector" is the fuse, once wired, moment power current fuse will quickly fuse. But if the fuse is too large, such as the convenience of using copper instead of standard fuses, resulting in protection function is lost, it may cause electrical short circuit caused the fire.
San. Improper parking location
because now cars are equipped with catalytic reactors, this is located on the exhaust pipe is very hot, temperatures over 300 ° c to 400 c, so once the vehicle with flammable materials, you will be easily ignited by catalytic device, leading to spontaneous combustion in vehicles caught fire.
IV. Dangerous goods
placed inside the car, dangerous goods not only large oil tankers, and in our daily lives of lighters, perfume, mousse, etc are also dangerous goods vehicle fire. If we place the items in the parts of the car easy to focus the Sun's rays, also of the fire risk. Therefore, in parallel with the vehicle should examine the compartment, do not leave these dangerous goods, much less gasoline, diesel oil and other dangerous oils.
v. Leakage
engine work, the high temperature of ignition coil, high voltage ignition wire insulating layer of softened, aging, cracking, ignition and electrical breakdown of the insulation, it is easy to generate high voltage electric leakage, leakage caused the temperature rises, ignite the engine, the carburetor leaking gasoline, resulting in combustion.
in addition to the above several reasons other than oil spills, in hot weather, long drive, contact resistance, mechanical friction
motor carburetor backfire reason will lead to spontaneous combustion in vehicles.
When spontaneous combustion time of the vehicle, what should we do?
1. precursor of spontaneous combustion, such as body abnormal noise, odor, and should immediately stop stalling, it is best to park in the Lee.
2. find the fire, be careful not to randomly open the front cover. Because the air in the car instead of easy combustion, fire extinguishers into his hand and then open.
3. If we are unable to control the fire, immediately dial 119 to report a fire and call the insurance company that covered calls, got the report, in the first time.
4. firefighters after the fire, remember to ask for a police certificate, open fire instructions.
5. According to the requirements of insurance company to repair shop, and notify the insurance company losses. Introduction to
through, we can see that, in fact, spontaneous combustion in vehicles for many reasons, but we need to pay attention to a good car habits, regular vehicle maintenance, then the vehicle is not prone to spontaneous combustion fire.

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