How to properly use the 4 lights on the car?

With lights right? Sounds simple enough, in fact, not simple at all, will discuss this topic with you, hope to help each kind of lamp to use.
1. position lamps, as the name suggests, is showing location of stationary vehicles in the dark, so when driving in the dark position lamps cannot be used.
2. near light lamp, in following several situation Xia must open near light lamp: in dark no street of lots drive and in evening sky more dark or dawn dawn early now drive, are must open near light lamp; if caught up with fog, and snow or rain weather, sight blocked, so even in day also must open near light lamp; in some sections although has lighting equipment, but brightness enough, then also should open near light lamp.
3. driving lamps, only no other lighting devices on the road and opposite the case where no vehicle to use the high beam lights. Otherwise it will seriously interfere with each other's sight, or even traffic accidents. Must be careful not to mistake far when the low beam lights. Encounter the following situations must be immediately replaced the high beam lights low beam lights: one is the opposite of a car, the second is from the front car distance in the same direction, and the third is when there is already sufficient illumination, and there is a railway crossing and back on the streets with heavy traffic. Some of the drivers who may have encountered such a situation: opposite the car driver was kind enough to open the high beam lights, what should you do in this case? Don't worry, the experts teach you two move: one does not watch its headlights, move the sight to the right side of the car; the second is slow, the appropriate whistle, there is no parking.
4 fog lights, encountered fog, rain, snow, weather, eyes all of the time, it is necessary to open the front fog lights, daytime is no exception. Many models have fog lamp design with a position lamp or the common use low beam lights.
we also focus on to rear fog lamps: use only when visibility is less than 50 meters of rear fog lamp. Some drivers will often rear fog lamps when the lights, completely regardless of the following vehicle driver's eyes. Do unto others, hope that drivers can observe the driving rules. BACK
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