Summer long cars bottled water don't drink

Vehicle life under high temperature, as necessary-the bottled water.
recently, a piece of bottled water in the car, micro-blogging on the Internet was very hot, and generally mean "don't drink bottled water in the car, my mother contracted breast cancer." Combined with plasticizer event has not yet subsided, bottled water being pushed up into the air waves.
inside the car for a long time really can't buy bottled water to drink?

bottled water should not be long in summer the car shot: back from the supermarket to buy a crate of mineral water, put into a car trunk. Drive out thirst, took out a bottle of drink, more convenient.
shots II: a bottle of water, drank two drink finish, throwing feel pity, then twisted the CAP well, conveniently placed next to the driver's seat on the debris, continue to drink the next day.
If you have any one of the above two acts, then please start today and change your habits.
about the dangers of bottled water is placed inside the car for a long time in the summer, multiple versions circulating online, in addition to cancer, endocrine disorders, caused by infertility and so on.
Although there is expert to stand up the rumor, pointed out that there will be no serious consequences, but summer long cars bottled water does have the potential to harm human health, still drinking less is wonderful.
sun exposure can accelerate the dissolution bottles hazardous components
"this has nothing to do with the water itself, mainly because of the material of the bottle. "Testing laboratory in the province, engineers said.
careful who noticed that supermarket to buy mineral water, fruit juices and plastic drink bottles tend to have a small triangle at the end of, write the number 1 inside, sometimes also labeled PET three letters of the alphabet. According to reports, meet health and safety standards for bottled water using PET material, the scientific name of polyethylene terephthalate. This is also the common beverage bottle materials, non-toxic in itself. BACK
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