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For manual transmission models, the clutch is an important part of the power system, it bears to cut off the connection between power and engine work. Or complex sections of the road while driving in the city, clutch became one of the most frequently used components, and clutch use is good or bad, driving directly reflects the level of, also reflects quality of vehicle protection. Proper use of clutch, master clutch principle in exceptional circumstances to solve problem with clutch, each driving a manual car riders should know. Structure and principle of
clutch/> called clutch, as the name suggests is "" and "" to deliver the right amount of power. Clutch friction plates, springs, pressure plate and the power output shaft arranged between the engine and transmission, will be stored on the engine flywheel torque transfer to the gearbox, passed under different driving conditions, vehicle to drive wheel right amount of driving force and torque, belong to the category of Powertrain. In the half when linkage, clutch power input and power output allows a speed differential, that is, by passing the speed difference to achieve the right amount of power.
clutch is divided into three work, that is, not the clutch linkage, semi-linking part of the clutch, and the clutch is not linked. When the vehicle is in the normal running, the pressure plate is pressed against the flywheel friction plate on, friction between the pressure plate and friction at this time the largest, remained relatively static friction between the input shaft and output shaft, which speed the same. When the vehicle is started, the driver stepping on the clutch, clutch pedal movements pull the pressure plate back, or pressure plate separated from the friction, flywheel and pressure plate at this time had no contact there is no friction. The last, which is semi-continuous state of the clutch. At this point, pressure plate and friction the friction is less than full link state. Clutch pressure plate and flywheel friction is friction between States. Flywheel speed is greater than the output shaft speed, passing power from the flywheel transmission parts to gearbox. This state represents a flexible connection between the engine and the drive wheels.
generally, clutch device is in vehicles started and for block of when play role, at gearbox of a axis and two axis Zhijian exists speed poor, must will engine of power and a axis cut yihou, synchronization device to is good of will a axis of speed keep and two axis synchronization, block bit hanging into yihou, again through clutch device will a axis and engine power combined, is power continues to to transmission.
in the clutch, as well as an essential buffer, it consists of two discs similar to the flywheel on together, playing with rectangular grooves on the disc, arrangement of spring in the Groove, in the event of violent shocks, springs of elastic between the two discs, buffered external stimuli. Effective protection of the engine and clutch. In all parts of clutches, the strength of the pressure plate springs and friction coefficient of friction plate, clutch diameter, the friction disk location and number of clutches are key factors in determining clutch performance, greater the stiffness of the spring, higher the friction coefficient of friction, the larger diameter of the clutch, clutch performance is also better.
know the principles, we at the daily driving time on how to properly use the clutch? According to the above principles, not interaction and interaction is little skill required. True test of skill, some error in everyday driving operations, are in a State of half of the clutch linkage. So skill is actually half of the clutch linkage using skill. Half-linkage
when the need for some time to ensure smooth start. Novice car has such experience, either start stalling or a quiver quiver out of, these are of a linkage techniques did not have good performance. Auto start when second shaft of the gearbox is still, when we hang a block before, needed the clutch, transmission shafts and power separate, by Synchronizer to hang after a block, one axis is also static. Power from the flywheel has a certain speed, and the speed of the shaft there is a huge difference, which is why at the start for half the linkage requirements are much higher than when shifting the main reason, clutch parts before and after a rest of a movement. P>
the speed must be composed of a linkage to digest, that is, power began when the part is delivered to a shaft, enabling vehicles to a stable posture starts as soon as the car drive up, rotation difference becomes small, then insert the clutch fully lifted, there would be no impact.
Hill-start high half interaction skills. Half a linkage could absorb the speed difference between the engine speed and wheel, which means you can have momentum has passed on to the wheel, but the wheel does not work situation, this often happens in the ramp. For unskilled drivers driving in General, Hill-start when you pull the hand brake, and then let the clutch in a joint State, Panasonic hand brake, vehicle stationary, and car after car hits. Vehicle backward sliding of gravity is provided by the engine power to compete, while the clutch is responsible for eliminating rotation difference here. Vehicles in this case, the driver can easily start, continue to press the accelerator pedal was further enhanced by speed a lot of torque, and then slowly lift the clutch to pass more power to the drive wheels, vehicles a smooth slope. Half a joint of high skill requirements, if interaction is too weak, you may release the moment the vehicle sliding backward, likely to cause new panic, if linkage is too strong too much easier is the acceleration of the vehicle hitting the vehicle in front. So for starters, you can get slightly higher engine speeds and larger semi-linkage, so that when a vehicle has a tendency to walk, and then releasing the hand brake.
novice drivers when there are some errors in the use of the clutch operation. As a novice, due to technology, unskilled driving, it is difficult to remove oil from a well with, cause when you use the clutch to prejudicial clutch operation, which also appears in the half when linkage. Avoid the clutch in a joint State for a long time can we effectively protect the clutch. Some novice just road Shi due to tension, oil away from tie bad, fear himself in started Shi flameout out car, so on detonation big throttle and clutch device is pressure have is low, half also not all lift up achieved full linkage, at engine of speed and a axis of speed exists huge of speed poor, and vehicles is is slowly started of, these huge of speed poor all by clutch device of half linkage Digest, this is very destroyed clutch device of practices. In order to avoid the frequent Hill-Start, with a foot and a half step on the clutch, which with half a linkage to control the vehicle's speed, which is commonly known as the stuffy clutch. Clutch is sliding the whole process, which will damage the sliding friction clutch for a long time. Drive like to put your left foot on the clutch pedal, resulting in involuntary down the clutch pedal, and vehicles in a joint State for a long time. All of these actions will accelerate wear on the clutch, power performance and fuel economy for vehicles will lead to losses. BACK
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