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In the manual auto operation in the eyes of some, some people believe that manual transmission adds fun to drive. But for a newbie who just got a driver's license, road is always a little nervous, especially driving a manual transmission car, steps more drivers to operate, require synchronization of multiple operations to become nervous, and most prone to stalling. In fact, for novice drivers, relax, good clutch, driving manual transmission vehicle can easily, stall phenomenon is no longer a problem.
a lot of novice drivers reflect the driving manual transmission cars are most prone to stalling when waiting for traffic lights. "Sometimes green, behind the car's urging, myself nervous tension is likely the clutch too quickly, powered up with the car stalled. "Just got my driver's license 1 month Chen said. Although some drivers driving more experience, but driving a mind impatient, have green light but the car in front is not moving, then constantly honking Horn. Trumpet sound will have an effect on novice drivers, most people want quick action to cause the car to start faster. However, for the novice drivers, not high degree of skill, familiar enough about cars, stall is easy. Access coaches learned that some manual transmission cars Startup tips, can help the novice driver to operate the vehicle easier.
"driver's license exam now more and more people, resulting in many students ' learning time interval longer, even through the examination of students in practical experience is also lacking. "Has more than 10 years ' experience of senior coaches revealed that novice drivers started on the road when not enough calm, less than proficient is normal operation, and these problems can be overcome by pilots practice hands-on, but some tricks to help them get started. "Driving a manual transmission car, with good clutch is key, so the first stage is important to control the car with a clutch run smoothly. A summary of years of driving experience so I, when starting the car the clutch using a formula: a loose two-three in slow motion. "The coach explained, pilots train, adjust seat, ensure that the left foot stepping on clutch. Then, when starting the car, left foot can quickly release the clutch to a certain position, then left foot, and then slowly let go, while right foot slightly pressing on the accelerator, the car can start smoothly and quickly. According to car design and parts of the match, left foot on each vehicle is different, only by the driver, through hands-on experience. BACK
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