Three months before and after pregnancy as far as possible not to drive

Can pregnant women drive? Obstetrics and Gynecology director Wang Jiayun's answer is: from the doctor's point of view, pregnant women could not drive, they don't drive as much as possible, especially novice road. Because cars need to maintain the same posture for a long time; in the summer and winter, Windows closed and air conditioning, poor air circulation; in case of traffic congestion, drivers nervous, restless, all these factors detrimental to the health of pregnant women and the fetus.
If for various reasons had to drive, Wang hoped that expectant mothers can pay attention to the following five points.
first, the driving time should not be too long. Generally one or two hours no problem, but if half or even one day, is taboo. This pregnant female taxi and bus drivers, and want to open long distance to take care of pregnant women.
Second, keeping air in car fresh. Even the open air conditioning, tinted Windows can also leave small crack. From time to time, fully open the window and get some air.
third, happy mood. Even if the traffic, bad traffic, is not easily angered, annoyed.
IV, not driving new cars. The reason is simple, harmful substances within the new car has not.
v, early pregnancy and late pregnancy, which is usually the three months before and after, try not to drive; a novice should choose other transport, cycling is not skilled and easier to high tension, bad for the fetus. BACK
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