Woman while driving a common three-point problem

Women car owners in the city roads, meet country roads, especially after it rains, water wet and slippery road conditions, you do not know how to choose routes and is blind to choose the road, therefore, women owners of tire damage is usually much faster than the male.
many women owners has a lot of bad habits when they are driving, they are mostly determined by physiological factors, it is difficult to change, occurs in the vast majority of female owners, especially beginners. Is the maintenance of which the expert summarizes the following four-point question, remind women owners attention.
1. not see pour Hou mirror
"women owners, especially new owners not see pour Hou mirror is its easy led to problem of maximum reasons," Dongfeng Nissan all Jay franchise shop after-sales service department manager Li Wenxuan said, many owners in reversing storage of when, not reasonable to see pour Hou mirror, some women owners only will see side of pour Hou mirror, not around are both, such easy put car tail hit bad, this is women owners to repair car most common of problem one of.
2. traffic, less easily huangshen
in rush hour traffic jams often occur, many women owners of huangshen traffic easily. Many woman in the face of a variety of complex traffic situations when, would open the owners do not know is the first braking or steering, the last accident.
3. don't know
perhaps female performance of mechanical parts of the car are born relatively slow, with many owners do not see information on, and some owners even in the open air, mediation air circulation inside the car, listening to the recording, or overwhelmed. Therefore, Li Wenxuan reminded the woman, after the purchase of a new car be sure to read the instructions carefully, and settings related to each button on the car out. BACK
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