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Your driving position is conducive to safety?

Drive for many years, you can be sure that your driving position is conducive to security, please? A few days ago, three from Sweden came to visit China at the Volvo cars driving Academy top trainer for Beijing automotive journalists a lesson.
the training include low speed storage, emergency brake, emergency avoidance and hunting wear, Volvo driving school of safe driving philosophy is refreshing. Such as parking, drivers in general are inclined to stop the car in front of the spaces left, and Volvo cars driving Academy trainer ask you to park your car parallel to the spaces on the left front, reversing the car license plate as a reference later. Of course, no matter what action, driver's posture is the most important.
Volvo auto driving school trainer introduces the correct sitting posture:
1. the distance from the steering wheel: the hands horizontally, on the wrist with both hands on the steering wheel, this is the most appropriate distance.
2. degree leg bent: bend legs about 90 degrees, so that if emergency braking, leg easier to respond flexibly. When a crash occurs, can ensure the legs enough buffer to avoid hips and upper body injury.
3. hands in steering wheel Shang of location: from Beijing driving school graduated of driver are habits hands put in steering wheel equivalent to "10 points 4 points" of location, more has many men like single hand-held put, Volvo car driving College of training division recommends don't single hand put, hands put in 9 points and 3 points approximate level of location Shang, such helps in emergency situation Xia effective to control vehicles.
the theme "safety harness the infinite" 2005 all Volvo models of the top driving experiences, is rare in the luxury car brands, as safety Volvo all Volvo models S80, S40 and XC90 control was tested.
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