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Watch out for dangerous driving 10 bad habits!!

You is a skilled of motor vehicle driver, you is think himself of driving technology has is good, daily gently pine pine on can road, but is in such on himself full confidence of situation Xia, traffic accident also is will occurred, sometimes is because himself of inattention to, but some when is is because himself of driving habits in the of some bad habits caused of, following on for you summary some bad of driving habits, you can control himself usually of driving habits, if accidentally on Shang has, you can to note has, Gotta get rid of this bad habit, and ensure traffic safety.
1, night driving lamps as strong as possible is not safe. Angle of the light, the greater the more secure, lights up as high as possible on the more dangerous.
for your lessons about the dangers of improper use of high beam lights, may wish to take a closer look, to enhance their safety awareness:
2, habitual clutch is not the way to reduce problems. Customary clutch is not only bad for machines, but will give me more trouble, more important is not safe.
3, on uneven ground not only to pull the hand brake after parking also hang on the gear, this is the best way to prevent vehicle due to uneven surface to avoid falling.
4, one-way traffic if you have a dual-channel, dashed the least secure. Because both vehicles before and after are unable to determine your intent.
5, high-speed corner, clutch and brakes the least secure. In any case, step on the clutch increases the inertia of the vehicle, should lower the gear and then stepped on the brakes.
6, encounters or other unskilled driving offender, should stay away from him as soon as possible, horn or headlights hint will only increase his nervousness, made him even more difficult to control the vehicle. When
7, bend, or, and said, should be turned to look at the back of the car to look at mirrors. Because sometimes mirrors adjust well will be dead ends and, in addition, turned on the lamp so close to its own vehicles after increasing speed up or slow down the chances of correctness alone cannot fully judge his mirror.
8, driving time, in addition to maintain a safe distance with the before and after, should also be avoided with the right and left sides of the vehicle to maintain parallel, staggered through the speed overtaking or slow driving side by side. Tied for the biggest downside is that distraction, easy to disperse the attention from the front to the left, novice drivers are more likely to cause a nervous mood.
9, smooth pavement should learn to use gears to control traffic.
10, and acceleration when overtaking, behind the first to observe and judge the conditions in determining back there is no traffic to the case of his observation and judgement in front of.
Tips: these are years of work practice of traffic police summed up the most dangerous driving habits, you can seriously compare a chance for improvement.
at the same time, summarize the safest driving experience to share with you, I hope to help riders are:
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