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The right of the steering wheel control method

If your accelerator pedal and steering wheel and the driver's most "intimate", who would you choose? Would still be on the steering wheel. If your in the car while both hands off the wheel, then accidents of which also come. Here we provide you comprehensive introduction to the proper use of the steering wheel.
experts, when holding the steering wheel, hand over the steering wheel, moderate forces to hold, not so fast. When holding the steering wheel, elbows should be slightly bent. Steering wheel sizes surrounded by Palms all shall prevail, not too thick or too thin. Quality, style of steering wheel is subject to personal comfort, feel less steering wheel to select the right kind of steering wheel covers adjust steering wheel covers to ensure sweat-absorbent, breathable, non-slip, if necessary, also wearing the same gloves when driving a car.
everyone's habits are different, some people like one hand, some people like the hands, then what should be the correct way?
the right way should be: when driving a car, should be at three o'clock and nine o'clock position on the steering wheel with both hands grasp. Now, when many new cars are usually warned high hand and low hand, this grip is very dangerous. For example, many cars are equipped with airbags and emergency air bags popped out, high lift arms will be hurt, even knocked on the head.
in addition, the steering wheel should be sent in one hand; one hand with one twist. Remember that hands are not crossed, or against the steering wheel, not to drive a large truck-like with the Palm around the steering wheel. Face turn, you can remove, on the other hand grasping the steering wheel to avoid interacting with both hands.
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