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Manual transmission gears when parking tips

Xu calls: MOT to my car a few days ago, staff help me get the car into the station to detect, open back stop on the in-situ, and then handed me the key. I get the key the ignition, the car moved forward suddenly, no time to react had hit the car in front. Scurry, pulled out the keys, get off, and the collision sent the car shift in front by 10 cm, almost, and hit a car before.
why all of a sudden the car starts? I found that after the original staff came back and hung on the 1-speed gears, but I was hanging in space. After returning to the unit, was ridiculed by male colleagues and says I'm not stopping, parking will be hanging 1 block.
as a driver's license exam for years, used to teach on my coaches could not be, or I really wanted to ask: how on earth did he teach me?
manual stopping what he should hang 1 block, or is neutral?
Office was a colleague in the driving test, she has a book in hand of the driver training material, compiled by Hangzhou municipal administration of motor vehicle services, publishing of Xiling Seal Engravers. On steps to starting and stopping of the engine was put out in the 11th chapter 217 pages, written very clearly.
engine stops out: check the parking brake (parking brake) is tightened; press the clutch pedal and move the shift lever into low gear (1 shift) location close the ignition switch loose lift the clutch pedal.
engine started: check standing car brake (hand brake) whether pulled tight; stepped on Xia clutch device pedal, and will speed Rod moved into empty block location; slightly stepped accelerated Board, open ignition switch to started block; started engine Hou, release ignition switch, pine lift clutch device pedal, appropriate warming Hou, check the instrument work whether normal, the warning, and alarm lamp whether out.
is responsible for taught the colleagues of is general driving school of pottery coach, he taught have than book SHANG said of also to carefully, he said--
flat of road parking Shi, should hanging 1 block; uphill parking hanging forward block; downhill parking hanging pour block; started of when, first stepped on Xia clutch device, for to empty block, car launched Hou, again for started block.
, I asked several of my colleagues, they said the coach was taught, but later during the actual operation, a lot of people have their own set of habits. For example, Xu is the kind of habitual idling, plug in the key you can start.
we have also consulted the Institute of automotive technology teacher. From the angle of automotive power transmission, they think: is idling on the ground, but when there is a slope be hung from 1 shift.
why coaches usually is not recommended with old drivers idling? Major is afraid of slope-sliding, while the hand brake this protection, but with a years-long car, the hand brake gears bite will loose the car would fail to see the case, moved slowly in case where the car stopped on a slope, that this movement is more obvious.
but 1 block, is a big risk of an accident.
to handle incidents of police often find that, when new car, forgot to shift 1 shift up into space, has hit many examples of flower beds, walls or other cars. 1 shift slowly, but it's instant impact is very large, at least hit the bumper of the car in front. Then the car will automatically turn off.
in August 2007, Mr Xu, driving with parents and 8-year old daughter to the Lake for an outing. Shopping is over, Mr Tsui intended to get on first turn on the air conditioning, their three people drove from the front around to the side door, this time, Xu has just launched cars bodywork "whizzed" jump out "pop" sound, just in front of the three men all crashed out.
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