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Police opened the summer safe driving solutions

With the arrival of summer, hot, stormy lane two risks, in order to better maintain summer traffic safety, traffic police for summer driving characteristics, creating a "summer driving character of work", for the majority of drivers offer summer safe driving solutions.
, "two", that is, first, to ensure a good sleep. Summer days are long, and factors such as heat, mosquitoes, causing drivers to sleep quality is greatly reduced, drive it's easy to nod off. Especially at noon, often feel sleepy eye-stinging. At this time, you'd better have a NAP, or wash with cold water, stretch, energy recovery, sober and then drove on to ensure traffic safety; the second is to maintain the normal state of mind. Summer high temperatures, motorists mood swings, just a little "angry". Remind motorists must regulate, control their own emotions, keeping normal state of mind, you can put yourself in the driving pleasurable music mood.
"secondary", that is, is a "vehicle" is not on the road. Summer high temperatures, heavy rain is tough test for vehicle parts. Water tank on the road "a:" the engine "glue cylinder", fire, puncture, moisture short circuit of the circuit very much. Therefore, the road, driver's best test your braking, water tanks, tires, in case unpleasant things happen; the other is not combustible. Vehicles parked in the hot sun at the same time, don't, Cola and other lighter in the car, especially the instrument platform. Driver easy to overlook smaller items such as lighters, in the summer sun exposure in high temperature gas lighter is a great deal of risk.
"two-proof", that is, a sunny and anti-"light". After summer sun exposure asphalt pavement was prone to "false light", you need to carefully distinguish between pavement and judgment in order to ensure traffic safety, the driver can wear light colored sunglasses to reduce direct sunlight. But not so dark sunglasses, dark sunglasses can delay time eyes send images to the brain, this Visual delay resulted in the distortion of speed, so you made the wrong judgment, especially at high speed, dark sunglasses will extend the driver's reaction time; the other is anti-skidding on rainy days, an accident. Summer rain more, driving who in lane way met Shang storm Shi should deceleration driving, and pedestrian, and vehicles keep enough of security distance, avoid beat steering wheel, so as not to caused sideslip and occurred accident, while also to note don't too too close to roadside, because in storm comes Qian, highways sector more will will water channel opened, wheels is easy into; also, storm Hou of formed of water road very easy to driver brings trouble, many driver drove into water more deep road Hou are suffered has vehicles was choke out of embarrassing, When wading through the pavement, this traffic Police reminded drivers to Exchange time for low-speed stall, and stepped on the gas to a fast pass.
"two-mo", that is, a is not driving slippers. Many owners drive like wearing flip-flops in the summer, especially women like to wear fashion, pretty thongs to drive, in the event of emergencies because of mistake the Accelerator for brake shoe issues are very dangerous; the second is not sleeping with the air conditioning. Space in the car airtight cases, if you turn on the air conditioner for a long time vehicles stopped, will cause air to flow inside the car, produced by the engine is running, the carbon monoxide may gather in the car, together with persons breathing in carbon dioxide emissions from the car, a long time likely to cause poisoning.
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