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How to prevent the vibrations of the steering wheel?

Many car drivers like red behind the wheel driving, convenience, however, this way is prejudicial to health. As we all know, motor launch, or when traveling, there are different levels of vibration, and this vibration on the human body more harm than good. Scientific research showed that, long-term driving motor vehicle of people, due to vibration of effect, led nervous system function declined, as reflex by inhibit, nerve endings damaged, vibration sleep, and pain function obviously decrease,, on environment temperature changes of adapted capacity reduced, vibration also makes Palm more Khan, and nails crisp, vibration had strong Shi, driver will was arm muscle spasm, atrophy, caused bone joint of change, to appeared off calcium, and limitations bone hyperplasia or deformation sex arthritis. Strong vibration and noise of chronic stimulation of the body and causes vegetative nerve functional disturbance, nausea, insomnia and other symptoms. Female drivers will also develop menstrual conditions such as uterine prolapse, painful menstruation, miscarriage, medicine usually refer to this type of diseases caused by vibration as vibration.
remind you, in order to prevent the occurrence of vibration disease, when driving, drivers must wear a wire glove or double thick cotton gloves, thereby reducing the direct contact with the steering wheel, to cushion the opponent and the vibrations of the body of vehicles, the driver must not be careless about this. In addition, can also be installed in the driver's seat or backrest flexible mat, or slightly after working for some time to have a rest, to relax tense muscles and stretch the finger joints, inter alia, to prevent the occurrence of vibrations.
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