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The engine throttle points

Engine throttle is controlled by the pedals, also known as the accelerator pedals, is control of vehicle engine oil supply device.
the accelerator pedal operation should be based on the right heel on the cab floor stand, feet light step on the accelerator pedal, ankle extension and flexion movements, riding or relaxing. Step on the accelerator pedal, the strength should be soft, sustained lift rides.
When you start the engine, and don't step on the throttle pedal to the end, just above idle throttle as well. When starting, refueling before the clutch linkage point for the due, take small for better throttle. Loosen clutch and throttle work closely with agile.
operation, according to road conditions and actual requirements increase or decrease throttle. Select gear to fit, the engine running at moderate speed, and most of the time a larger throttle to conserve fuel. Plus free oil, step on the clutch when shifting cooperation to coordinate and step on the gas pedal.
not to death when the car uphill pedal, when in low gear, throttle General should take half. When car, the accelerator pedal may not be the end. Three-fourths under vehicle if the accelerator pedal and the engine is still not a corresponding increase in speed, should be changed into lower gear, step on the gas pedal to accelerate.
front shut down and turn off the car, should loose throttle pedal, shall not pounding the accelerator.
total solution: a touch on the slow, linear acceleration, hard and soft, pace, toes, and cannot shake.
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