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Learning from failure syndrome differentiation in a steering wheel

Steering wheel can not only control the direction of the vehicle, it can also identify the fault, may wish to pay attention while driving, for security, good for vehicles.
is in the vehicle hand numb. When a vehicle traveling at a speed more than speed, chassis periodically sound, serious cab and doors shaking steering wheel vibration, until hands numb, this is due to a corrupted drive dynamic balance, drive shafts and splines and spline shaft caused by excessive wear.
the second is heavy when steering effort. Cause steering parts roller bearings and plain bearings tie too tight, poor lubrication of bearings, steering tie rod, tie rod ball joint adjust too tight or lack of oil, steering shaft and casing bend, causing seizure; toe-in adjustment; car or bending of the frame before deformation; insufficient tire pressure, especially the front tire.
three are difficult to manipulate the steering wheel. When driving or braking, automatically biased road side vehicle. For guarantee line driving, must forced hold steering wheel, caused vehicles run partial of reasons has: sides of front wheel specifications or pressure inconsistent, sides of front wheel Hou dip or wheels outside dip not equal, sides of front wheel and bearing clearance inconsistent, sides of plate spring arch degrees or stretch inconsistent, around sides wheelbase difference had big, wheels brake clearance had small or brake drum lost round, caused side brake issuing, makes brake drag delay, vehicles mount not uniform,.
four-direction floating serves. Often die caused by driving the front wheels when the vehicle reaches a speed, the steering wheel starts to shake or shimmy occurs because: shimming tires or tire repair caused the front wheels Assembly dynamic balance is destroyed, drive shaft assembly loose parts, dynamic balancing of drive shaft assembly was damaged, defective shock absorber, spring stiffness is inconsistent, wear loose steering system parts, improper front-wheel alignment.
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