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About automobile lamp

Car nocturnal lights, signal lights, fog lights, night lights, light has a different purpose, using a very particular about, neither with nor without.
nocturnal width lamp: commonly known as "little lights". This lamp is used to display body width and length in the night. Drivers usually routine maintenance to be carried out regular checks, some drivers think that little lamp lighting effects, enough attention to it, which is very wrong.
lights: include turn signal (double Flash) and brake lights. Proper use of the lights is important to safe driving.
turn signal lamp: this lamp is opened when the vehicle steering, intermittent flashing, which prompts around vehicles and pedestrians. Turn signals turn on time to master, should be from the right turn at about 30 m ~100 m open. Open too early would cause car "forgot to turn off the turn signal lamp" illusion, was a party behind the vehicles, pedestrians have no prepared, often The One With All The Haste.
stop lamp: this lamp brightness is strong, informed the car front to slow down or stop, improper use of this lamp as vulnerable to collision. In addition, to change the brake light bulb Note: taillights of vehicles in China are generally "a bubble in two", there are two filament bulb, weak light, strong for the brake lights. Some manufacturers insert is designed for high or low foot, very easy to use. Replacement must be careful not to reverse.
fog lamp: it can help drivers improve visibility when driving in fog, and ensuring that the opposite to discover, on measures to be taken, security trade fair. Therefore, the driver must open the fog lights while driving in foggy, not replace it with lights. Non-fog if fog lights, car drivers can be very harsh.
night light: commonly known as "headlights". Headlights headlight is "heart" part. Headlights should be of fair use when passing near, far back in time after passing light to beyond line of sight, to make up for passing when line of sight is not clear. When overtaking through the intersection and should be prompted to transform popular light.
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