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How automatic car start?

After auto switch to automatic transmission, driver easy, driving more smoothly, so new cars equipped with automatic transmissions are particularly affected by people of all ages. However, many drivers to open automatically when the car, due to the structure and principle of automatic transmission is not very understanding, while driving is often a d-block walk all, which will only stop using n and r Block, p-Block, exists in name only as the rest of the gear, which would be bad for automobile power performance and safety. Therefore, before driving an automatic car, if we can understand the proper use of it to improve driving skills will be of great help. Don't worry, it will tell you how to drive automatic transmission cars.
General 6~7 automatic transmission gears, front to back them in order of priority. Are: p (stop), r (reverse gear), n (neutral), d (forward gear), while others include d in the forward gears, 3, 2, 1 block. Vehicle forward gears only three gears (d, 2, 1), four-shift transmission equipment, the other has a speed selector switch (O/D) through to overdrive.
P gear and n gear's role is to keep the engine and wheel drive system from functioning. The difference is that the engine stopped running when hanging n stop can propel the vehicle. When hanging p, mechanical locking pin locking shaft on the transmission case. Therefore, if the p Block drag down strong vehicle will cause damage to the shells of automatic transmission, resulting in heavy losses, while in the upper and lower stop, don't just use the p Block brake vehicles should firmly pull the hand brake, so as not to block p mechanical locking force is too large and corrupt.
vehicles only when p can pull out the ignition switch key only when the p Block, or n, starter motor to start the car. P block is often used by model n starting block for moving out. If running the engine suddenly stops, ensuring driving safety case be careful moving the shift lever to the n block, and then start the engine again and resume normal operation.
normal circumstances, should be selected when the vehicle stops the automatic transmission gear, is to press the brake pedal, to select the required gear (use your eyes to determine, do not feel alone), then slowly release the brake pedal, vehicle options slowly starting. Reverse gear forward gear conversion must be carried out in a vehicle stop State. Need special attention are: must not be hung in the wheel rotates into the p-block.
forward gear is more complex: the normal automatic transmission third gear and four-block two, four-block, also known as Overdrive, English writing OVERDRIVE O/D, further down is third, second or a block (also known as l-block). Shift set for their rule is: shift backward compatibility for high and low gears does not automatically shift up. That is: If you choose four gears, transmission between a block with four blocked according to the vehicle's speed and conditions of use automatically select the proper gear, automatic gear, downshift. If you select second gear, only in first gear and automatic transformation between block and cannot rise above the second. At this time, the increase in speed will make the engine into overdrive.
a block, b block of the engine brake function, therefore, when the vehicle is driving on the downhill when beforehand or select second gear, to reasonable use of engine braking, while using the accelerator pedal controls the vehicle speed downhill. But in General when running uphill, we recommend using the d block, when vehicles can automatically select the ideal gear, no driver to worry about.
vehicle can be from low gear to high gear shifting manually, but from high gear to low gear for you to be carried out in the context of a certain speed. That is: vehicle in gear running manually change to the gear. For example: you cannot 90km/h change into second gear, because the transmission in third gear at least running, until the speed drops to 50km/h to manually change into second gear. Similarly, speed dropped to change gear to the 20km/h below.
choice of some luxury cars increased shift mode features, such as sports mode (SPORT), the bingxuelu model (ICE). Relative to the usual comfort mode, select campaign mode will make the vehicle accelerate responsiveness strengthening, but comfortable, economic decline. Bingxuelu mode reduces traction to prevent wheels starting slipping in the bingxuelu.
also need to keep in mind is: If the vehicle in case of drive failure, require vehicles towing moving, you must put the gear in neutral. Towing speed should not exceed 30km/h, total distance cannot be more than 50km, so as not to run due to lack of oil result in transmission damage.
so, automatically block car right of driving method is will speed Rod put in p block after moving engine, and must to stepped on Xia brake pedal, party can by p block into other block bit, started Shi to will speed Rod push to lower block bit (that is 2 or 1 block, some is also has 3 block), stay speed improve to must degree Hou, again into d block into normal driving, if in highway Shang high-speed cruise Shi, can selection O/D block, can save fuel.
some questions in block d or O/D when occasional feeling of floating serves, in fact, we can use shift to resolve, by shifting to better road adhesion, improved traction, same effect can be achieved with manual transmission cars. The following manual and automatic car turns compared to illustrate how to correctly apply automatic transmission. As shown in Figure 1. In turn, should pay attention to take an appropriate action at the appropriate time, the principle is to use the most suitable gear to achieve the maximum of driving control and precise turn the throttle to match the highest stability and often automatic car when entering the detours, power output for lack of security, particularly in top gear, this phenomenon is even more apparent. So we can consider the use of shift to regain better traction and cornering stability, acceleration forces to arrive in
to face a continuous curve, automatic car can still take advantage of the shift to the search for better stability.
also has a compared important of problem, is lane route of select, if you is one General of driving who, you best select as Figure 2 by shows of route, car in (1) location began turn, arrived (2) location Shi will can refueling, such in whole turn process in the by centrifugal force effect minimum, security highest, and makes tire get maximum of adhesion, special for in Xia rainy day or wet sliding of road situation Xia using. Note that you must familiarize yourself with the car to change into every shift reaction, and must be prepared, even if this method is used to drive, exit speed, will still be slower than a manual transmission cars, and to rely on experience to constantly revise.
in short, automatic car driving is not automatic as people think, advise opening automatic car owner friends, it is best to take the time to figure out, can handle it well.
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