Registration notice
the criteria for (a) apply for a driver's license age conditions:
a) for smaller cars, smaller automatic car type, in more than 18 years of age, the age of 70;
b) for large passenger car type, and in more than 26 years of age, 50 years of age.
(b) apply for a driver's license of the height condition:
height: application of large passenger cars, height of 155 cm or more. Small car, compact car height requirement.
(c) the physical conditions of the application for a driver's license:
a) vision: application of large passenger car type, eyes bare more than logarithmic Visual acuity Chart 5.0 vision or corrected vision. Other type of eyes naked vision or corrected vision
logarithmic Visual acuity chart 4.9 per cent.
b) color discrimination: no red-green colorblind.
c) hearing: ear 50cm can identify source directions from a tuning fork respectively.
d) upper: two thumbs healthy, other fingers on each hand must have three healthy, normal motor function of limbs and fingers.
e) lower extremity: normal motor function. Apply for driving a manual transmission car, leg length must not be greater than 5 cm. Driving an automatic car,  right leg should be sound.
f) trunk, neck: no motor function.
(four) has following case one of of, shall not application motor vehicle license:
a) has organic heart, and epilepsy disease, and beauty Neil's syndrome, and Vertigo syndrome, and hysteria, and tremor paralysis, and psychiatric, and dementia and effect body activities of nervous system disease, hamper
Security driving disease of;
b) smoking, and injection drug, and long-term taking dependence spirit drug addiction yet kick of;
c) revoked motor vehicle license not full two years of;
D) escape after causing a traffic accident of motor vehicle driver's license has been revoked;
e) driver's license law was revoked less than three years;
f) other circumstances as stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.
II. Foreign student application materials
a) identity

c 8 inch white background color photographs) training fee
d) physical examination form (designated by the municipal Bureau of health hospital medical clearance and stamped with the original motor vehicle driving certificate of physical conditions, Specified hospital admissions)
, certification for foreign exchange students also need to submit the original license (at least one month validity) and the Chinese translation of a driver's license. Translation requirements: driving
abroad as being reverse translated into Chinese (driver's name, gender, age, date of issuance, kind of driving, issuing country, valid, driver's license number, etc). Handwriting
or printed on an A4 sheet of paper and signed at lower right corner Chinese names;
II, foreign embassy staff, personnel of representative offices of international organizations in identification of foreign identity documents are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Such as foreign identity document
name is in Chinese, you need only provide the foreign identity documents; the name is in English, you also need to provide both note issued by the Embassy, and stated my
name in young people.
third, the foreign passport of student residence permit or visa for single entry can stay more than 3 months validity which issued residence permits must be "Beijing", the rest of the country cannot apply for a driver's license issued in Beijing.
four students, at Beijing University should go to the police station with jurisdiction to issue the registration form of temporary accommodation. If you use a certificate issued by the school you need to the jurisdiction of the provisional registration
seal of the police station.
v, validity of the provisional registration "for more than three months";
San. List of soldiers applying for driver's license
soldiers need to carry registration is:
a), military ID, civilian cadre cards, retirement cards for soldiers, retired soldiers.
b) or above the regimental level at the Department of political affairs, political reference.
c) 8 1-inch photo (end of pure white color photographs).
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